10 Ways to Cook the Thanksgiving Bird

My husband loves to be in charge of the turkey every year, and he has experimented with lots of ways to make the best turkey for our Thanksgiving table. But, when it comes to turkey…there are lots of ways to cook that bird. If you are looking for something new this year, these ten ideas can get you started down the right road. Continue reading “10 Ways to Cook the Thanksgiving Bird” »


10 Must-Have Thanksgiving Items from Amazon

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving for the zillionth time or the first time (okay, especially if you are hosting it for the first time), setting the perfect table is fun. If you are going to spend hours in the kitchen, you want a beautiful tablescape to display all your creations. Yes, your niece is going to announce that she is suddenly a vegetarian. Yes, your daughter is only going to eat a roll. And yes, your Uncle is probably going to drink too much and make everyone uncomfortable. But, these 10 Must-Haves for Thanksgiving entertaining will have your home looking amazing…and later, when they all go home; you can finish off all the wine!

  1. The Turkey Baster
  2. The Turkey Roaster 
  3. The Gravy Boat
  4. The Serving Bowls
  5. The Serving Platter
  6. The Beautiful Tablecloth
  7. The Cloth Napkins
  8. The Centerpiece
  9. The Wineglasses 
  10. And something fun for you to wear over your cute outfit!

Dusty’s Note: This post contains affiliate links. As always, I encourage you to shop around and find items that really appeal to you, but have provided links to come of my favorites as a reference.


How to Quiet the Noise in your Head (when the World get LOUD!)

We live in a society of information overload. Sometimes, that overload is just too much. Too much to deal with, too much to hear, and too much to wrap your head around. The perfect prescription for those moments of overload is to step away from it all…and come back to who you are at the very core. Right now, the noises in our world are very LOUD. People are overwhelmed, and a bit cranky, because of all the things happening around them. How do you quiet those noises? These steps can help. Continue reading “How to Quiet the Noise in your Head (when the World get LOUD!)” »


10 Must-Make Fall Comfort Foods

As fall hits, we all crave warm and delicious comforting meals. Here in Colorado, our weather is very changeable, so it may be warm and sunny one day and then freezing cold the next. I love to keep ingredients on hand for some delicious meals that fill the tummy and warm the heart. As we begin the process of hunkering down for winter on the homestead, these warm meals sure do the trick! Continue reading “10 Must-Make Fall Comfort Foods” »


How a Simple Meal Plan Saves My Money and Sanity (FREE Printable)

My kids come home from school every day starving… every.single.day. They immediately want food…and lots of it. Of course, this could send me into an utter panic, desperately pulling easy foods from the cupboards and freezer trying to find ANYTHING that they will eat. But, I learned long ago that having a meal plan set up in advance takes the pressure off of me. I can look at that meal plan each morning as we are all getting ready to head in our various directions, and know just what I need to do to make sure our evening is less hectic and more wholesome. The side effect is not only am I more sane, but we also save a ton on groceries, since we no longer have to work on a whim and a prayer. Continue reading “How a Simple Meal Plan Saves My Money and Sanity (FREE Printable)” »


Family Dinner Roundup: Fiesta Friday

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to have a little fun with your whole family this Friday night, a fiesta is the way to go. Mexican food is glorious because you can usually find something for everyone in your family and you can spice it up (or down!) any way that you want to.

I have dug through some of my favorite sites to bring you the top 10 recipes for our Friday Fiesta Nights. Don’t get stuck at plain old tacos, when you can make it even more fun by adding these dishes. As a bonus, I have also found my two favorite cocktail recipes, for the grownups to enjoy after the sun goes down.  Heat up your Friday night with a Fiesta. Your whole family will love it! Continue reading “Family Dinner Roundup: Fiesta Friday” »