If You are Unhappy Today, Know This. Still.

This is not a political post. But, I see so many people on my timeline today really afraid, and really upset, and really sad. My heart goes out to you that you are feeling that way. I don’t like to see anyone I love be sad. But, know this….the future of our entire world is still in your hands…each and every day. The following things have NOT changed: Continue reading “If You are Unhappy Today, Know This. Still.” »


Classic Buckeyes: Peanut Butter Candies your Family WILL Love!


There is a little tension in my house this week. Okay, a LOT! You see, it’s Buckeye week, the most anticipated candy making session of my entire year. My boys love buckeyes. They may even be addicted to them.

Buckeyes were a yearly addition to all the cookie trays when I was growing up and I have continued that tradition with my own children. But, because they love peanut butter cups all year long, they eagerly await the day that the kitchen fills with the smell of peanut butter and powdered sugar. They eat them off the tray sometimes as fast as I can roll them. And…always…I have to remind them to slow down, because I learned as a child that too many buckeyes can really give you a heck of a sugar buzz! Continue reading “Classic Buckeyes: Peanut Butter Candies your Family WILL Love!” »

Beginner Preparedness Vol 5: A Realistic Guide to Food Preps

I have always tended to have an eye towards preparedness, especially when it comes to food. I like to know what is in those cupboards and how I can use those items to make a nutritious and well-received (read: actually something my children will eat) dinner at times when I cannot get to the store. Listen, stuff happens in life….sometimes the bank account is a little low, sometimes you are blocked in by a blizzard, or sometimes you have the flu so bad that the thought of going out to get food is enough to make you lie down and cry. For me, those are really the moments that food prepping is all about.   Continue reading “Beginner Preparedness Vol 5: A Realistic Guide to Food Preps” »


5 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving on a Tight Budget

It’s the reality of life…sometimes the budget is just a bit tighter than you would like as the holidays come upon you. It may be a surprise bill or a true emergency that sent you into a budget crisis, but it’s hard to picture the traditional holidays when your budget is tight. Don’t fret…so much of Thanksgiving can be found in the traditions of the day. You can still host a nice Thanksgiving, while not putting yourself into debt or running up those credit cards. These simple tips can help. Continue reading “5 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving on a Tight Budget” »


10 Ways to Cook the Thanksgiving Bird

My husband loves to be in charge of the turkey every year, and he has experimented with lots of ways to make the best turkey for our Thanksgiving table. But, when it comes to turkey…there are lots of ways to cook that bird. If you are looking for something new this year, these ten ideas can get you started down the right road. Continue reading “10 Ways to Cook the Thanksgiving Bird” »


How to Quiet the Noise in your Head (when the World get LOUD!)

We live in a society of information overload. Sometimes, that overload is just too much. Too much to deal with, too much to hear, and too much to wrap your head around. The perfect prescription for those moments of overload is to step away from it all…and come back to who you are at the very core. Right now, the noises in our world are very LOUD. People are overwhelmed, and a bit cranky, because of all the things happening around them. How do you quiet those noises? These steps can help. Continue reading “How to Quiet the Noise in your Head (when the World get LOUD!)” »


10 Must-Make Fall Comfort Foods

As fall hits, we all crave warm and delicious comforting meals. Here in Colorado, our weather is very changeable, so it may be warm and sunny one day and then freezing cold the next. I love to keep ingredients on hand for some delicious meals that fill the tummy and warm the heart. As we begin the process of hunkering down for winter on the homestead, these warm meals sure do the trick! Continue reading “10 Must-Make Fall Comfort Foods” »


How a Simple Meal Plan Saves My Money and Sanity (FREE Printable)

My kids come home from school every day starving… every.single.day. They immediately want food…and lots of it. Of course, this could send me into an utter panic, desperately pulling easy foods from the cupboards and freezer trying to find ANYTHING that they will eat. But, I learned long ago that having a meal plan set up in advance takes the pressure off of me. I can look at that meal plan each morning as we are all getting ready to head in our various directions, and know just what I need to do to make sure our evening is less hectic and more wholesome. The side effect is not only am I more sane, but we also save a ton on groceries, since we no longer have to work on a whim and a prayer. Continue reading “How a Simple Meal Plan Saves My Money and Sanity (FREE Printable)” »


The Go Bag for Household Pets

No disaster plan is complete until you also have a plan for your household pets. We have all heard stories about pets being left behind during evacuation or of people who could not leave because they did not have a plan for their pets. Having a plan in place and a GO bag packed is the first step to protecting your four-legged loved ones.

Our family has evacuated with pets. A wildfire left us in a hotel room with two huge labs, a turtle, and a gecko. It was a little crazy…but we were prepared with everything we needed to ride it out. Not having to worry about how to get all our beloved animals taken care of took a huge weight off our shoulders.

Continue reading “The Go Bag for Household Pets” »


Helping Your Kid Find their Inner Superhero

Being a kid today is a tough job: I mean that! No, they don’t know the pain of chores like we might have. No, they don’t know what life was like before the internet, or cellphones, or a bazillion after-school clubs. But, they do live in a distractible, confusing, and sometimes anxiety prone world. There are plenty of things that pull our kids in more directions than we would wish, and today’s kids feel them.

So, how do you bring out that inner superhero in your kids each and every day? Believe it or not, the answer may lie in slowing things down, taking things easier, and finding your kiddos inner strengths (the ones they didn’t even know they had). Continue reading “Helping Your Kid Find their Inner Superhero” »