Hello there! Welcome to Sawdust On My Boots, a blog dedicated to embracing the things that are important in life.


Our homes and our families are the things that make us feel safe and loved. It is where the journey of life begins, and most often it is also where it ends. In today’s hustle-and-bustle we sometimes forget to embrace the very things that can make us feel centered.

After spending nearly 20 years moving all around the globe as a military wife, my life has settled down. I discovered that some of the skills I have learned in my life, along the route all over the world as well as through my childhood growing up as a farm girl, are not things we are teaching our children anymore. We have become hurried, and in the hurry we have forgotten the old skills that comfort and nurture our family. THAT is what Sawdust On My Boots is about!

Who Am I?


I am, first and foremost, a mother and a wife. I have three boys, ranging in ages from 10 to 23. I am also a freelance content writer and I love to tell a story. I have been a freelance writer for about 17 years and have grown to also do social media management and branding for small businesses. My passion on my “work” side is women entrepreneurs. I love to help women grow a business and watch it succeed. The successes of my clients are also my successes, so I work hard for them each and every day. I work from home, which is a true gift.

We live in Black Forest, Colorado on a small acreage. I love to garden and grow things to feed my family. We have horses, but live in an area where we cannot yet add livestock. I cannot wait until the day comes when we can! I try hard to run our home and land with sustainability in mind and strongly believe in reducing the amount of chemicals we use in both. I am also an Independent Distributor for Young Living. While I will share that love here, I also always encourage my readers to do their own research and find out what is right for YOUR family!


Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me. As this blog grows, I hope it will become a resource that you return to time and time again. Pull up a chair, I’ll put on a pot of coffee, and let’s chat!