How to Quiet the Noise in your Head (when the World get LOUD!)

We live in a society of information overload. Sometimes, that overload is just too much. Too much to deal with, too much to hear, and too much to wrap your head around. The perfect prescription for those moments of overload is to step away from it all…and come back to who you are at the very core. Right now, the noises in our world are very LOUD. People are overwhelmed, and a bit cranky, because of all the things happening around them. How do you quiet those noises? These steps can help.

Shut it All Down


When it’s all too much, start by shutting it all down. Turn off electronic devices, including the television and step away from it all. What if you want to hear the news or keep up on what’s happening in the world? It’s ok to check in…but don’t get dragged in. In really tense times, just staying off of social media can be a big help. Right now, people are responding to each other in all kinds of inappropriate ways. If you stay away from the drama, you have a better chance of keeping your head!

Take a Step into Nature


Take a moment to take a little walk. Work in your garden. Play with your pets. Do something outside to put fresh air in your lungs and hope back into your heart. Just a few moments outside can raise your energy levels and start to quiet all that extraneous noise. No matter where you live, whether it is the city or the country, take time to notice the noises, the colors, and the smells. Our world is a pretty amazing place when you take a moment to notice it.

Pick up a Good Book

Sitting down to read with a hot cup of tea can reset your mind into a different world, and give you the break that you need. Even if only for a few minutes, escaping into a different world can have a really wonderful effect on how your mind deals with our own world. If you have children, taking some time to read aloud to them can do the same thing. You may find that you feel better, and have a better outlook, when you are done.

Play a Game


Gather your family around you and play a fun game. It can be a simple board game, a card game, or even a video game…but it should be fun and relaxing. This time, don’t worry about winning, but focus on the moment. Enjoy it to its fullest.

Pamper Yourself

There is nothing wrong with some pampering when you are feeling overwhelmed. Pamper yourself with a hot bath, your favorite lotions, or even a facial. You will reset your mind into a calmer state, feel better, and be ready to face the world again when you are done.

Cook up Some Love


Get into the kitchen and cook up some love for yourself and your family. Try a new recipe, or make an old soothing favorite. You’ll fill their bellies and their hearts. In the repetitive movements of this task, you will also calm the noise in your head. Make it an occasion and sit down together for the meal. Light a candle. Have good dinner conversation. Forget about what is going on outside your doors.

Quiet moments calm us. These are the times when we need it most: when the world seems just a little bit crazy. Today is the perfect time to shut it down and embrace the world around you. I know that’s my plan…and I hope you will join me!


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