5 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving on a Tight Budget

It’s the reality of life…sometimes the budget is just a bit tighter than you would like as the holidays come upon you. It may be a surprise bill or a true emergency that sent you into a budget crisis, but it’s hard to picture the traditional holidays when your budget is tight. Don’t fret…so much of Thanksgiving can be found in the traditions of the day. You can still host a nice Thanksgiving, while not putting yourself into debt or running up those credit cards. These simple tips can help. Continue reading “5 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving on a Tight Budget” »


10 Must-Have Thanksgiving Items from Amazon

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving for the zillionth time or the first time (okay, especially if you are hosting it for the first time), setting the perfect table is fun. If you are going to spend hours in the kitchen, you want a beautiful tablescape to display all your creations. Yes, your niece is going to announce that she is suddenly a vegetarian. Yes, your daughter is only going to eat a roll. And yes, your Uncle is probably going to drink too much and make everyone uncomfortable. But, these 10 Must-Haves for Thanksgiving entertaining will have your home looking amazing…and later, when they all go home; you can finish off all the wine!

  1. The Turkey Baster
  2. The Turkey Roaster 
  3. The Gravy Boat
  4. The Serving Bowls
  5. The Serving Platter
  6. The Beautiful Tablecloth
  7. The Cloth Napkins
  8. The Centerpiece
  9. The Wineglasses 
  10. And something fun for you to wear over your cute outfit!

Dusty’s Note: This post contains affiliate links. As always, I encourage you to shop around and find items that really appeal to you, but have provided links to come of my favorites as a reference.


Lego Birthday Party

I love parties. I know they can be stressful and expensive, but I love hosting them. This one was one of my favorites.

We were able to keep this party pretty inexpensive by creating as much as we could on our own. Lego party supplies are difficult to come by and can be expensive, but luckily, Lego’s are primary colors..so you can get creative on the cheap. Here are a few ideas that were simple to create, but gave us a big bang for just a few bucks. Continue reading “Lego Birthday Party” »


Transformation: Boring Nightstand to Brilliantly Bookish Accent

As the weather here prepares to take a turn towards a February Blizzard, I always turn back towards projects in the home. This was one of my favorite projects. It is fun, and easy, without a lot of complicated components. I am often shocked how a simple change can give an item a whole new life and feel.



I was given a VERY basic nightstand by a good friend, because she knows how very much I love to play around with techniques and change. I love to reuse items whenever I can. Many of you have read that I don’t want my home to look like the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog..and that remains true. But I DO take inspiration from some of those same manufacturers. This style was actually “stolen” from ideas I saw in similar stores.

What you need:

~an old (or new) boring nightstand

~An old book with lots of character (I used a 1937 history book found in an auction box that had been water damaged and could not be salvaged).


~gloss enamel paint of your choice.

~mod podge

~Shellac or polyurethane to finish

This project cost me a total of $7.76 since I only had to buy mod podge and bought a can of clearance enamel! A great deal!

Step one: Remove any drawers from the table. Remove hardware. Rough up with sandpaper.

Step two: Paint main frame of nightstand with paint of your choice. I chose gloss black. This may take a coat or two, depending on paint color and quality.



Step Three: Apply pages of old book or magazine with mod podge to the top and drawers. I used the pages whole on the top and focused on parts of the history books about the Old West, as this item was for my Moms Bunkhouse Guestroom! On the drawer fronts, I tore the pages to fit.



Final Step: Allow everything to dry for several days, if you can. Apply additional mod podge as needed, in places where it seems like there is not enough adhering happening. If you get a bubble of air under a portion of the mod podge, prick the area with a tiny pin, allow air to escape and then apply some more mod podge. You really can’t make a mistake, since it dries clear. It is by far one of my favorite products! When completely dry, apply poly or shellac over mod podged areas for extra protection.

That’s it! You now have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece that looks great in any room. It adds loads of character!



What’s your favorite trash to treasure success story? Share a link in the comments so we can check out your creations!

Continue reading “Transformation: Boring Nightstand to Brilliantly Bookish Accent” »