10 Ways to Cook the Thanksgiving Bird

My husband loves to be in charge of the turkey every year, and he has experimented with lots of ways to make the best turkey for our Thanksgiving table. But, when it comes to turkey…there are lots of ways to cook that bird. If you are looking for something new this year, these ten ideas can get you started down the right road.

We bake our turkey on the grill, with lots of butter and herbs. The turkey is wrapped tightly in a foil cocoon to keep the juices in. Most people think this means barbequing it..but in actuality we use our grill to make an “oven”. I love it because it frees up oven space for all the sides, which are my favorite things to make. The turkey is moist, but you don’t get the brown and crispy skin you get with other methods. Since my family doesn’t love the skin (I know…sacrilege!), this works great for us. But, this year we may have to try one of these other methods!

  1. Butter Herb Roasted Turkey by The Gracious Wife
  2. Deep Fried Turkey by Copy Kat Recipes
  3. Perfectly Smoked Turkey by Mom’s Confession
  4. How to Cook A Completely Frozen Turkey by The Kitchn
  5. Turkey with Brown Sugar Glaze by Martha Stewart
  6. Beer Can Turkey by Food Network
  7. Spatchcocked Turkey by Serious Eats
  8. Grilled Whole Turkey by Epicurious
  9. Oven Bag Turkey by Reynold’s Kitchen
  10. Honey Brined Smoked Turkey by Food.com

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