If You are Unhappy Today, Know This. Still.

This is not a political post. But, I see so many people on my timeline today really afraid, and really upset, and really sad. My heart goes out to you that you are feeling that way. I don’t like to see anyone I love be sad. But, know this….the future of our entire world is still in your hands…each and every day. The following things have NOT changed:

1. The Family Dinner Table is STILL where we build a strong and confident future. Talking with your children over healthy food, connecting with them, making them realize how very much they have to do with what happens in the world is STILL the number one way you can make an impact.

2. Living in fear is STILL dangerous for you and those around you. Being fearful in the face of any change only makes you weak. If you believe that things are not right, stand outside that fear and make the world a better place. Wringing your hands will never make a change.

3. Using anger as a way to hurt others is STILL wrong. You have a right to each and every emotion. You 100% do. But, if you are angry and use it as a way to inflict pain on others emotionally or physically, you ARE a bad person.

4. Your words STILL can be heard, if they are well-spoken and thought out. Everyone around you does care about your opinion, they want to hear what you think and feel. But, if you are not able to communicate those thoughts in a way that leaves out the fear and anger, then the message will never be heard.

5. Your kids STILL need you to be positive. Being negative, posting huge countdown clocks (and therefore counting down the days of your life instead of living them), and expressing constant emotional devastation is now, and has always been, very bad for your children. Find the positive. If you can’t find it right now, try not to preach the negative. Your children learn by how you live…and you do not want them to grow up to be a negative person who emotionally drains everyone around them.

I love you all. So, so, so much. But, please, don’t enter my home with the doomsday message and the negativity. That’s not what I want my children to learn, now or at other times in history when things were hard. Leave it at the door or don’t stop by until you can. When you’re ready…I’ll put the coffee pot on and welcome you with open arms.

All my love, Jen


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