A Letter from the Christmas Puppy

Dear New Human Family,

I am so excited to be a part of your family. I can see that you are all very excited, too! Everyone wants to hold me and spend time with me today. I hope that you will love me just as much tomorrow, and next week, and when I make a mistake. I am excited, but also scared. This is all new to me. I have a lot to learn. 


My world has just gotten much bigger than I am used to, and there are so many interesting things in it. There seem to be a lot of people around. Sometimes, they are loud. Sometimes, that scares me. Please be patient with me as I try to adjust to all of these things!

Later, when I get comfortable, I may make some mistakes. I might have an accident on your rug, or chew up your favorite shoes, or even get into the trash. Please try to help me learn what is right and what is wrong. I do not know. I need your help to be the best that I can be. Please don’t be mean to me or punish me in unreasonable ways. I am just learning to trust you. Please learn to trust me.

I am going to get bigger. I may even get MUCH bigger. I hope that you already knew how large I would be and whether I would be a good fit for your family. Each day that I grow, my love for you grows as well. I want to stay with your forever. Let me grow big and strong and please love me!


In a few months, you may find out that I seem like a lot of work. I know that I can be. I want your attention. I am so excited when you come home. I may jump on you, or lick you, or bark to try to get you to notice me. Please don’t give up on me.

I need good food and good healthcare to grow up to be the best dog I can. Please make sure you are ready to give that to me. I can’t help myself like you can, so I need you to watch out for the things that are good or bad for me. Pay attention to me so you know if I am ok.

I hope that I am not just like the new toy that arrives under the tree this Christmas. I hope you remember that I have feelings. I feel fear, pain, loneliness, and sadness just like you. I want to be in your life for as long as I live.


If you have to say goodbye to me, please be kind. Find a good home for me or contact a rescue group to help me have a better life. Please don’t abandon me. Please don’t just give me away without a thought about the home I am going to. I trust you now, and I need you to make sure I will be ok.  But, please try to keep me…I love you.



Your New Puppy

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2 thoughts on “A Letter from the Christmas Puppy”

    1. I so agree. It always makes me sad after the holidays to see so many needing homes. Thanks for stopping by!

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