Beginner Preparedness Vol 5: A Realistic Guide to Food Preps

I have always tended to have an eye towards preparedness, especially when it comes to food. I like to know what is in those cupboards and how I can use those items to make a nutritious and well-received (read: actually something my children will eat) dinner at times when I cannot get to the store. Listen, stuff happens in life….sometimes the bank account is a little low, sometimes you are blocked in by a blizzard, or sometimes you have the flu so bad that the thought of going out to get food is enough to make you lie down and cry. For me, those are really the moments that food prepping is all about.   Continue reading “Beginner Preparedness Vol 5: A Realistic Guide to Food Preps” »


Beginner Preparedness Vol. 4: Evacuating Livestock & Horses

The time to begin thinking about how you would get off your property safely with your large animals and livestock is well in advance to any disaster that may strike. Large animals take extra thought and planning, as well as a fair amount of equipment to get moved to a new location. We had one such occasion ourselves, when I left my husband standing in the driveway holding four horses during the Black Forest Fire. A friend was coming back with the trailer to get them…but we didn’t know if he had been held up or was unable to get through. I had no choice but to leave and hope for the best. Don’t wind up in this situation. Plan ahead and know how you will get all of your large animals and livestock to safety. Continue reading “Beginner Preparedness Vol. 4: Evacuating Livestock & Horses” »


25 Great Holiday Gifts for Preparedness

I am a BIG fan of practical gifts. I love things that I can use every day, as well as things that may come in handy in a situation where we need to be prepared. These twenty-five gifts are great for preparedness, but also would be a big hit for the hikers, campers, fisherman, and hunters in your life. Why not give the gift of preparedness this holiday season? Your gift will be far less likely to be discarded or tossed aside after the “glow” of the holidays wears off. In fact, your family and friends may someday thank you! Continue reading “25 Great Holiday Gifts for Preparedness” »


The Go Bag for Household Pets

No disaster plan is complete until you also have a plan for your household pets. We have all heard stories about pets being left behind during evacuation or of people who could not leave because they did not have a plan for their pets. Having a plan in place and a GO bag packed is the first step to protecting your four-legged loved ones.

Our family has evacuated with pets. A wildfire left us in a hotel room with two huge labs, a turtle, and a gecko. It was a little crazy…but we were prepared with everything we needed to ride it out. Not having to worry about how to get all our beloved animals taken care of took a huge weight off our shoulders.

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Beginner Preparedness Vol2: GO Bag Basics

A GO bag is an essential item in preparedness, and a great place to start your preparedness journey. If you need to evacuate your home quickly, this bag can be an essential part of getting out safely and with the basic items you will need to be away from home for a short period of time. The GO bag is not intended to give you all the comforts of home, just some basics to make you more comfortable or safer if you need to be away. We evacuated our home several years ago during the Black Forest Fire. At that time, I felt fairly prepared to do what I needed to do to get out. We had hours to prepare, so I was even able to grab more non-essential items, like family photographs and other memorabilia. We can talk about being prepared with those later, but for now will focus on getting out FAST.

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Beginner Preparedness: Where to Start

It’s a cold, windy day here in Colorado. As I sit here in my warm home, with the fire going, my mind is turning to all the events throughout the world where warmth, protection, and even food are not a guarantee. I’m a bit of a stocker, a trait learned from my mother in part and from her mother before her as well. We tend to stock up, plan ahead, and have what we would need in the case that we could not access stores or other luxuries. Friends joke that I am a prepper…but that’s not entirely true. We plan for things, yes, but not so much for the “end of the world” scenarios that preppers are known for.

Planning for preparedness isn’t hard. In fact, you probably have many of the tools in your home right now. But, in the case of a natural disaster, regional event, or even an illness…it will pay off. Here are the first steps to begin being prepared. Continue reading “Beginner Preparedness: Where to Start” »