25 Great Holiday Gifts for Preparedness

I am a BIG fan of practical gifts. I love things that I can use every day, as well as things that may come in handy in a situation where we need to be prepared. These twenty-five gifts are great for preparedness, but also would be a big hit for the hikers, campers, fisherman, and hunters in your life. Why not give the gift of preparedness this holiday season? Your gift will be far less likely to be discarded or tossed aside after the “glow” of the holidays wears off. In fact, your family and friends may someday thank you!

  1. Emergency Two-Way Radio: Communication is key in a survival situation, but there are lots of other instances where two-way radios come in handy.
  2. Leatherman multi-tool: This is a tool that you can use every day, but can also be a lifesaver in a survival situation.
  3. Emergency Roadside Kit: We all should have one of these in our car, but most of us don’t. This is a great gift for anyone who drives!
  4. Pressure Canner: Learning to preserve the summer’s bounty for use in the winter is a great skill to learn. In a survival situation, it can be even more important.
  5. Paracord Survival Grenade: Everything you need in a serious situation, right at your fingertips!
  6. Solar Powered Lantern: Great for your average power outage, for camping, or for extended survival situations.
  7. A REALLY Good First Aid Kit: Every home should have a complete first aid kit.
  8. A Reliable Flashlight: This is another item that the gift recipient will use often and appreciate!
  9. A Personal Solar Charging Station: Charge up those devices, even when the power is out.
  10. A High Quality Knife: For anyone who spends time outdoors, a good quality knife is important…and will be used over and over again.
  11. A Vacuum Sealer: Another great tool for food preservation, and also comes in handy for many other uses.
  12. Cast Iron Cookware: This is something I use every day in my kitchen, and love! Good quality cast iron cookware lasts a lifetime.
  13. A Food Dehydrator: Preserve produce to last longer, make jerky, and even fruit leather for the kids.
  14. A Portable Stove: Appreciated by campers and backpackers, a portable stove can also be an essential survival tool.
  15. A Really Amazing Water Filter: Go big or go home, this water filter is meant to handle a family’s needs.
  16. A few Pairs of Great Work Gloves: Your gift recipient will reach for their work gloves again and again, from gardening to more serious survival.
  17. A Good Firestarter: A fun tool to have for any outdoorsman, and super important in a survival situation.
  18. An Awesome Backpack: Whether you are packing a GO bag or just heading out backpacking, a good quality backpack will make you happy!
  19. An Emergency Food Kit: For serious survival situations, but good to know that you have if trouble really does strike.
  20. A Folding Shovel: A great tool for any outdoors enthusiast.
  21. A Camping Ax: Cutting firewood or clearing an area is easier with a good sturdy camping ax.
  22. A Fishing Kit: This is an emergency fishing kit, for when you need to get some food in your belly!
  23. Compact Binoculars: Most anyone will enjoy a good pair of binoc for exploring, and also a great GO bag item.
  24. A Quality Sleeping Bag: Stay warm on even the most frigid nights.
  25. A Survival Manual: The gift of knowledge.

Note: This post includes affiliate links. I encourage you to shop around, but I have shared some of my favorite brands.


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