A Letter to my Sons about Passionate Protest

Dear Son,

Though you may not be out today protesting, I know one day you may feel so passionate about something that you will. I understand that feeling, because I was young once (believe it or not) and remember well the feeling that my voice was not being heard in our world. Before you do, I ask you to consider some things. Continue reading “A Letter to my Sons about Passionate Protest” »


Is Today’s Political Climate Making Us Bullies?

This election has been tense, and filled with all kinds of emotion. As parents, we work hard every day to teach our children to be kind and thoughtful. We ask them not to speak disrespectfully. We talk to them about being fair and hearing the other person’s side of the story. But, as parents, are we struggling to do the same in a political climate that is making us all feel a little self-righteous? Continue reading “Is Today’s Political Climate Making Us Bullies?” »