The Design-Your-Own Dinner: Stir Fry!

Sometimes, around here, dinner is a BIG problem. It’s not that I can’t get dinner on the table, it’s that every single time I do, there is someone at the table who wishes they had something different. This used to frustrate me, and sometimes still does. But, when I started practicing the Design-Your-Own Dinner with my kids…that changed. Last night I made Stir Fry. I got rave reviews from everyone at the table. Why? Because they built their own dinner from the bottom up, and that means they had all the things they love. It’s really that simple. Stir Fry cooks fast, so I can whip up each person’s order in record time, usually a lot less time than I was spending in the kitchen making other dinners. The best part? They don’t even realize how healthy this dinner is. All the vegetables they are consuming are amazing, and the quick cooking time means those veggies are at their peak. Want to Design-Your-Own Dinner? Read on to find out how I do it! Continue reading “The Design-Your-Own Dinner: Stir Fry!” »