How I Feed my Magazine Addiction (for FREE!)

I love all things about magazines. I admit it, I am one of those people. I carry a magazine most places I go. I love to browse through them. I get a little irritated if my hubby steals a new one before I have the chance to flip through it. But, magazine subscriptions can be expensive, so I needed to find a way to feed my habit. Read on to find out how I learned to do it for FREE (plus gained so much more) with a great site. 

I have been a member of Recyclebank for years. I first stumbled upon it looking for a way to get free magazine subscriptions, but once there I realized there was a lot more to gain by being a member. You simply join and then learn all about recycling. You can look to see if your community participates in the recycling rewards program (mine, sadly, does not). You can click around and explore…and also learn a great deal about energy, how products are made, and buying sustainably with the future in mind.


For all these actions, you earn points. If your community participates in recycling rewards, you earn just by doing what you are already doing. These points can be turned into great rewards. My favorites, because I am an addict, are the magazine subscriptions (I get about 10 a year FREE!!). But, they also have other great rewards like coupons, sweepstakes, and products. If you click around you are bound to find something you love.


The added bonus here is the education you will get. Their Earn Points opportunities are easy and fun. In fact, they are a great thing to do WITH your children. I have learned so much about how products are created and recycled, how our trash and recycling is processed, how to compost correctly, and how responsible energy is produced. You won’t be sorry you joined. I have been a member about 3 years now, and truly still love it! Have fun (and check out those magazines, they do change sometimes, but they are always really great!) Click here to find out more!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I truly love, and use, this program…and I think you will, too!


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