Being Neighborly: Is it Gone for Good?

I remember, growing up, that our neighbors all were a regular part of our life. We had get-togethers, the kids played in one big pack, the parents drank coffee (and sometimes stronger fare), and when there was a problem, everyone showed up and pitched in. I know that has a Mayberry-vibe to it, but it was true then. We knew that if we needed help, the Dad down the road could help us. We knew that if there was a problem, we could talk to the Mom two farms down. Every adult seemed to know what was going on with the kids. If we were up to no good…we didn’t get away with it for long. Those neighbors weren’t afraid to tell you to straighten up and fly right when you were out of line. No one got upset about that…it was just part of being a neighbor. Continue reading “Being Neighborly: Is it Gone for Good?” »


Why We Stand


He must have been about 6 years old at the time, and the question came seemingly out of the blue. “Why do we stand when the flag passes by, Mommy?” he asked with that youthful innocence that is so common. As we stood in the hot sun watching a parade, I looked around. We were in the minority that day; many other people were not standing when the flag floated by. Why were we? Continue reading “Why We Stand” »