Seven Steps to Effective Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences (plus FREE printable)


I often joke that we have been parents FOREVER…not really, but it often seems that way. It seems totally impossible that we have a child out of college and still have one in elementary school and one in middle school. This time of year, that becomes more than apparent as we schedule and plan for our fall conferences.

Sometimes, with Elementary students, it’s hard to know what things to discuss with the teacher, especially if everything seems to be going “just fine”. These seven tips can help your conference go smoothly and be productive. Continue reading “Seven Steps to Effective Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences (plus FREE printable)” »


Why We Stand


He must have been about 6 years old at the time, and the question came seemingly out of the blue. “Why do we stand when the flag passes by, Mommy?” he asked with that youthful innocence that is so common. As we stood in the hot sun watching a parade, I looked around. We were in the minority that day; many other people were not standing when the flag floated by. Why were we? Continue reading “Why We Stand” »