13 Amazing Ace Hardware Items to make Decorating Easier!

There is something about a hardware store that makes me smile. I remember, as a kid, running to the hardware store with my Dad to pick up whatever might be needed. It always turned into an occasion, with talking and yakking about the day. As the adults talked, I loved to wander around and find little treasures. They always had the most interesting things.

Now, as an adult…I still love a good hardware store. You can find whatever you need and many times people can actually answer your questions. My favorite store to look around is Ace Hardware, because they have such a huge variation in items. It’s such fun. I also love that I can now shop online, and pick up my items free in store. This saves me time, but also keeps me from getting sidetracked and filling my cart with all kinds of extras! These 13 items are great deals and also must-haves for decorating this holiday season. They will make your job easier and a ton more fun!

  1. Star Shower Magic Motion Light 
  2. Celebrations 50 Ct LED Cool White Traditional Mini Light Set
  3. Hardware Lighting Flip Clips
  4. Adam’s Mighty Light Clips
  5. Light Keeper Pro
  6. Kaleidoscope Light Show Projector
  7. Craftsman Cordless Screwdriver
  8. Coleman Power Stake with Timer
  9. Ace Landscape Extension Cords
  10. Multi-Outlet Adapter Cords
  11. All Kinds of Replacement Bulbs
  12. Stanley Staple Gun
  13. The Genie Tree Stand

Dusty’s Note: This post is in no way associated with Ace Hardware. I am simply sharing a business I love with you. The post does contain affiliate links.


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