Transformation: Boring Nightstand to Brilliantly Bookish Accent

As the weather here prepares to take a turn towards a February Blizzard, I always turn back towards projects in the home. This was one of my favorite projects. It is fun, and easy, without a lot of complicated components. I am often shocked how a simple change can give an item a whole new life and feel.



I was given a VERY basic nightstand by a good friend, because she knows how very much I love to play around with techniques and change. I love to reuse items whenever I can. Many of you have read that I don’t want my home to look like the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog..and that remains true. But I DO take inspiration from some of those same manufacturers. This style was actually “stolen” from ideas I saw in similar stores.

What you need:

~an old (or new) boring nightstand

~An old book with lots of character (I used a 1937 history book found in an auction box that had been water damaged and could not be salvaged).


~gloss enamel paint of your choice.

~mod podge

~Shellac or polyurethane to finish

This project cost me a total of $7.76 since I only had to buy mod podge and bought a can of clearance enamel! A great deal!

Step one: Remove any drawers from the table. Remove hardware. Rough up with sandpaper.

Step two: Paint main frame of nightstand with paint of your choice. I chose gloss black. This may take a coat or two, depending on paint color and quality.



Step Three: Apply pages of old book or magazine with mod podge to the top and drawers. I used the pages whole on the top and focused on parts of the history books about the Old West, as this item was for my Moms Bunkhouse Guestroom! On the drawer fronts, I tore the pages to fit.



Final Step: Allow everything to dry for several days, if you can. Apply additional mod podge as needed, in places where it seems like there is not enough adhering happening. If you get a bubble of air under a portion of the mod podge, prick the area with a tiny pin, allow air to escape and then apply some more mod podge. You really can’t make a mistake, since it dries clear. It is by far one of my favorite products! When completely dry, apply poly or shellac over mod podged areas for extra protection.

That’s it! You now have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece that looks great in any room. It adds loads of character!



What’s your favorite trash to treasure success story? Share a link in the comments so we can check out your creations!



A few years ago, I was lucky enough to inherit some really cool old records. Some were usable and in great shape…but others were scratched up and not really playable. I kept these on a shelf for awhile, and really thought of just tossing them. But, I hate to be wasteful. I knew I loved the cover art and so I framed some to enjoy above an old stereo situated in our “man cave”.
I loved that. Now, I was left with a pile of old records of no real value…except sentimental. After hours of scanning pinterest for something easy, I kept coming back to the idea of making bowls out of old records. I thought they would be a neat addition to the man cave, but wondered if it was really as easy as it looked. It is! This was one of the fastest and easiest crafts I have ever done.
Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need old records, an oven proof bowl, and oven mitts or heat resistant gloves. I used clean barn gloves since it was difficult to handle the record with an oven mitt. Make sure you pop open a few windows…ventilation is a MUST! Center your record on an upside-down oven-proof bowl (I used stainless steel) and place both on a baking pan.
I recommend you do not use your nice, new items for this…because you never know. Nothing got ruined in my making of bowls, but one can never be too careful. Now carefully slide your creation into the oven.
Now…all you have to do for a few minutes is watch and wait. In just a few minutes, your record is going to start to become all “floppy”. There is no exact science to this. Just watch and wait. When your record starts to look like this:
It’s time to remove it from the oven! Now, some sites say that you can go ahead and pinch and shape your bowl on the upside-down baking bowl. I found that this left me with a creation that was a bit too flat. So, instead, I lifted the floppy disk (ha!!) off and placed it inside ANOTHER stainless steel bowl. I then shaped and pinched as it cooled.
The result, when cooled, is a great little fun bowl perfect for holding wrapped snacks in our man cave. So easy, and so fast. I had ten record bowls completed in less than an hour. It was fun!
How would you have repurposed these old records?

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